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Amstelveen for Everybody episode 4: healthcare

Amstelveen for Everybody is a English speaking program for every inhabitant of Amstelveen. A show, not for only the international community but also for our Dutch viewers. To bring people together, to connect and to participate. 

The host from Amstelveen for Everybody is Ritika Mehra. In this fourth episode we discuss the subject healthcare with two guests: Sophia de Rooij, she is chairman of the board of the Amstelland ziekenhuis and international Priya Rana talks about her experience. We talk about the Dutch healthcare system and the differences in it compared to other countries

We will be airing eight episodes touching upon various topics. About the communication between internationals and locals, about connecting between multiple cultures, about education, about traditions, healthcare and integration. To bring people together, to connect and to participate.

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