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Amstelveen for Everybody episode 2: Connection

We are honored to share our newest program with you: Amstelveen for Everybody. An English speaking program for every inhabitant of Amstelveen. A show, not for only the international community but also for our Dutch viewers. In this second episode, we will be discussing the important theme: connection.

The host from Amstelveen for Everybody is Ritika Mehra and she discusses the topic with two guests. How do you connect with your neighbor, colleagues, with sportfriends and with newcomers? Are there enough facilities to connect with each other in Amstelveen and is it easy enough to know about them?

The two guests; Vidya and Komal, both from India and living in Amstelveen, know how it is to connect as a newcomer with people in Amstelveen. How it feels and how it can be improved.